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In our previous article, we discussed a few scenarios in which a dumpster rental can pay for itself. First of all, cleaning stuff out means that you won’t have to pay for a storage unit to put it in. You’ll also avoid any fines that the city or HOA could impose, and taking away the places that pests can nest could save you the cost of an exterminator.

As it turns out, there are even more ways in which you can save money when it comes to residential dumpster rental or junk removal service. Let’s take a look.

You Could Save Money On Medical Bills

If you’ve never heard of the Collyer Brothers, it’s an interesting story. Their New York mansion was so filled with stuff — newspapers, magazines, Model T Fords, and 14 grand pianos — that it took hours for the police to bust through the doors and get in when there was a report of a body in the building. Langley Collyer had been killed when his a tower of the possessions fell on top of him, and his invalid brother had died of starvation as a result. Stuff can kill!

Even if you’re not a hoarder, you could get injured if you have stuff sitting around your house that doesn’t need to be there. If you have too much junk on your stairs, getting rid of it could prevent a fall. If you have piles of boxes stacked in the garage, one box giving out at the bottom could cause the six above it to tumble and cause you to stumble into the garden equipment. Anything jagged or rusty could slice your leg as you walk past. Getting rid of stuff that you’re never going to need again could end up saving you a trip to the emergency room, and it’s certainly going to make the home and yard a safer place for kids to play.

Old Appliances Cost More Than They Save

It’s understandable why people will keep an old refrigerator or freezer around when they get a new one. After all, when you see a great price on ribs at the local big box store, it just makes sense to grab five racks and stick them in the freezer in the garage. They were such a great price, so you must be saving money, right?

Not necessarily. The energy efficiency of modern appliances has skyrocketed over the past two decades, which means that old fridge or freezer is a real energy hog. You might be spending hundreds of dollars a year just to keep it running, and in most cases the great deals you get on food will never offset the cost of keeping an old appliance around. Buying in bulk can be a good idea, but not if it’s actually costing you money! We can get rid of those old appliances that are costing more than they’re worth.

You Could Make Money

Here’s the part that most people never think about when it comes to cutting down on the clutter: they could actually make money. How? Well, when you start going through your garage, there are going to be things that absolutely have to be tossed in your dumpster rental. But you might be surprised at some of the other things you find that could be worth money.

Gather up a ton of steel from old fold-out couch bed springs and car parts and you could have yourself another $200. Old film camera equipment can still be worth a lot, even in the age of digital. If you download the eBay app, you can use your smartphone as a scanner to see what books, records, and just about anything else with a UPC have sold for. Yes, most of your VHS tapes are destined for the landfill, but there are a few out that that are really worth big bucks! Or you could just have a good-old-fashioned garage sale and then toss anything that doesn’t sell in the dumpster. In many cases, the stuff that people find while they’re getting rid of their junk more than pays for the cost of haul away services.

Save Money With Us!

Here’s the final way you can save money…go with us! We offer our residential dumpsters and junk removal services for the right price, ensuring that you don’t have to store your stuff or trip over it every time you turn around. Contact us today for waste removal or for dumpster rental. We’re ready to save you some money!