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Are you tired of having a ton of clutter in your Syracuse area home? If the thought of getting rid of all the junk that you have stored in your basement, garage, and other areas of your home seems overwhelming, fear not. Discount Dumpster Rental is here to help! We offer affordable dumpster rentals in Syracuse and the surrounding area that make decluttering easier than ever. Contact us today to learn more about how you can rent a dumpster for your upcoming project and in the meantime, check out 10 things that most homeowners can get rid of without ever missing them.

10 Items to Get Rid of Today

Unused Office Supplies

If you have a home office, chances are there are several office supplies that you can get rid of without batting an eyelash. Old printers that you have stored in the closet, paper shredders that no longer work, and rickety old filing cabinets are just a few things that you can pitch. Not only will you be getting rid of junk you don’t need, but you’ll also be giving yourself the gift of more storage space!

Craft Supplies

Having a proper work-life balance is important and everyone needs to have activities outside of work that bring them joy. However, if you have piles of yarn, dried out bottles of glue, and half-used spools of ribbon that you haven’t touched in years, you’re probably not going to make good use out of them anytime soon. Now is the perfect time to get rid of all the unused craft supplies that are hidden away throughout your home.

DVDs & Books

Having a huge DVD collection was something to be proud of in the 1990s and early 2000s, but now you can find virtually any movie on television anytime with on-demand programming. Likewise, you may love seeing all of the books that line the bookshelves in your home, but they can all be found for super cheap on e-readers without taking up any of your valuable wall space. Take a good look at your old books and DVDs and pare down your collection where you can.

Old Mattresses

Have you been holding onto an old, shabby mattress for a few years? You may have repurposed your guest room or your child’s room after they went off to college and held onto the bed just in case you need it for houseguests. Leaning it up against a wall in your basement not only takes up space, but it can cause damage to the mattress. If you haven’t put it to good use in the last year, it’s probably safe to get rid of it.

Product Manuals and Boxes

If you’re like most people, you probably have a pretty big collection of user’s manuals and product boxes tucked away somewhere. Whether they are for the TV you bought when you first moved into your home or for the smartphone you bought last week, it is time to let them go. These items cause unnecessary clutter in your home because many product manuals can be found online and the boxes are serving no purpose.

Unused Exercise Equipment

Do you have an old treadmill or weight machine in your basement that is currently serving a very useful purpose as a drying rack? If so, know that you’re not alone. You might think that you’ll get back into the swing of things and dedicate yourself to getting fit, but the truth is that most people just don’t stick to it. The good news is that you can stop feeling guilty about your lack of dedication — decluttering your home is the perfect time to get rid of fitness equipment that you don’t use.

Baby Stuff

This is one of the most common types of clutter, and if you have kids, you know what we are talking about. You might have held onto a baby swing in case one of your friends or siblings could get some use out of it, or you may be holding onto other items for their sentimental value. While there are certainly some keepsakes that are worth holding onto, you might be surprised how much baby stuff you can get rid of once your kids are grown.

Old Bedding & Linens

If storage space is at a premium in your Syracuse home, then you want to make sure you make good use out of every closet that you have. Most homeowners have more sets of sheets and towels than they need, taking up precious space in the hallway linen closet. As you are getting rid of junk in your home, be sure to go through your linen closets and get rid of old sheets that you no longer have a use for.

Old Appliances

Remember when countertop grills were a thing? How about the 4th of July when you made homemade ice cream for your neighborhood block party? Novelty appliances can make cooking easier and they can be fun, but they also take up a lot of space in your kitchen cabinets. Getting rid of them will provide you with more storage space, allowing you to get some of the clutter off of your counter for a dual benefit.

Outdated Electronics

Oh, technology. It has transformed our lives as no other invention has. The only trouble is that it can be difficult to know exactly how to dispose of some items. This causes many people to hold onto electronics longer than they need to, which results in a lot of clutter throughout a home. While there may be a small additional fee to get rid of old computers, TVs, and other electronics, it is well worth the cost.

Syracuse Dumpster Rental

Decluttering your home might seem like an overwhelming task, but it can be made quicker and easier when you rent a dumpster from Discount Dumpster Rental. Unlike other dumpster rental companies, you’ll never be surprised by fuel fees, pickup and delivery fees, or other hidden fees when you choose our company and you won’t be restricted by troublesome weight restrictions. We offer upfront pricing and you get to keep the bin for 10 days, giving you all the time you need to clear your home of unwanted junk. Decluttering has never been easier!

Ready to get started? Contact us today to learn more about our dumpster rentals or request a free quote online now!